Rebate Management System

  Secure, web-based system built specifically for rebate administration by experienced users using state-of-the-art technology and rules-based logic.
  Smart design incorporates automated NDC maintenance, formulary requirements and all of today’s manufacturer rebate formulas. Calculates rebates at the drug claim level at any desired line of business, plan or group level.
  Can be used with any prescription claims processor and easily integrates with customer’s other databases and database software.
  Robust and flexible reporting of detailed rebate and net-of-rebate costs.  Reconciliation reports to compare invoiced to actual rebate payments and functionality to allocate payments to secondary customers.
  Prospective net cost modeling application ties together all cost variables, including rebates to show net cost impact from customer’s change in formulary, market shares or rebate contract terms.

Rebate Administration Services

From straightforward system support to full rebate administration, our support services complement your organization's skills to make the most of your resources. Let us help you:

  Input contract terms in the contract management system
  Regularly maintain system updates, such as contract and pricing changes
  Perform rebate payment processing steps (calculation, submission, reconciliation, and allocation)
  Research and reconcile disputed rebate amounts
  Create ad hoc financial reports
  Optimize contracts and analyze savings opportunities
  Analyze and report in support of P&T committee decision-making on formulary changes