General Information

In 2000, our founders observed significant changes to the drug benefit marketplace, specifically customer demand for greater financial transparency, performance accountability, administrative efficiency and rational drug benefit policy. In response, inPharmative was created to provide:

  Cost-efficient and smart system support for
rebate administration.
  Meaningful and detailed rebate and net drug cost reporting.
  Decision-support software to prospectively model net cost impact from changes in market place and drug benefit design.

Our mission is to provide software products and support services that improve our client’s capability to make informed business decisions and manage the cost of prescription benefits. We work directly for our clients with no competing or financially conflicting business objectives.

Management Team

Jason Knaust, President

Jason’s background in finance and technology includes six years experience working for two PBM companies in the area of analysis, informatics and manufacturer trade relations. He played a strategic role with manufacturer contract due diligence and integration for a leading PBM’s two corporate acquisitions. inPharmative’s business mission is a natural extension of Jason’s experience and knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and their customer relationships. He is the technical architect and primary designer of the decision-support models and e-business intelligence products.