Navitus Health Solutions Implements New Technology to Streamline Pharmaceutical Rebate      

MADISON, Wis., December 2006 – Navitus Health Solutions LLC today announced it has implemented the inPharmative rebate management system, which allows for the efficient and transparent administration of a complex array of pharmaceutical rebate contracts.

“The inPharmative system provides Navitus with another way to demonstrate the value of our transparent business model,” says Brent Eberle, Director of Industry Relations and Contracting at Navitus. “Clients can more clearly see that Navitus passes through 100% of all pharmacy discounts, manufacturers’ rebates and administration fees are passed directly back to them.”

Complete transparency helps guide clients to the highest quality pharmaceutical products and services. Rebate management and administration is one of several means by which Navitus helps clients obtain the lowest net cost prescription benefits. By intertwining the benefits of good member health and lower drug trend, clients can realize true, long-term savings in the face of rising health care costs. 

Implementation of New Rebate Management and Administration Technology
The inPharmative system enables Navitus to better assist clients in evaluating the overall financial impact of rebates on their net drug spending through detailed rebate reports. It also enhances Navitus’ ability to more efficiently audit and allocate payments, reduce the turn-around time of rebate payments to clients and provide the company and its clients with the information needed to make lowest-net-cost drug formulary recommendations.

Future enhancements of the project are scheduled for the first half of 2007.